Infant Program (6 weeks-15 Months)

We have sixteen full-time spaces available in the Infant Rooms. Basic infant developmental materials and philosophies are introduced in the Infant Rooms. Each child is given one-on-one attention with the materials. Each child has an individual feeding and sleeping schedule catered to their needs. Parents supply formula, food, diapers, and diaper wipes.

Toddler Program (15 Months- 

24 Months)


We have fifteen full-time spaces available in the Toddler Room. We take care to use optimal ratios to ensure that each child receives quality time with our well trained staff. We take great pride in our teachers as they are engaging, patient, and loving.Pre-Montessori materials and philosophy are used in this program and other activities such as group line time and art projects are introduced. “Work time” is started in this classroom. Work time will include puzzles, painting, story time, crafts, and the introduction of basic vocabulary.


Children in this age group will be encouraged to be more independent and responsible for their eating area after meals and snacks, and being more responsible for the care of the environment. Toilet training may take place with the older children in this age group. Parents will supply formula, food, diapers, and diaper wipes. The Center will provide a hot lunch and two snacks per day (including whole milk and juice) once the child begins to eat table food.